Daddy is the first playable character in Who's your Daddy


When Mommy went out, baby started trying to kill himself. Daddy was there to keep him alive, so he could show his wife he was responsible. Dad used all the tools he could to stop his so  from dying.

Playing as DaddyEdit

Daddy has to keep Baby alive until 4pm by using fruit, pills, restrainer, disabler,  baby gates, cabinet locks, and putting things out of reach. As the game progresses, baby may resort to other options. Watch out for babies with knives!

Daddy's NightmareEdit

Daddy must wait until 4pm or fill up the generator with gas to win, while avoiding the baby or babies trying to kill him. Daddy cannot use weapons, but has a headlight to see in the dark. Gasoline will be scattered around the map  so find it?


Like Baby, Daddy can be customized

Daddy is the first playable character, the second being Baby

Daddy is, apparently, an expert chef, being able to cook food for his baby

Dad can do chores for powerups

Daddy has no access to vents

Bugs and GlitchesEdit

Sometimes, Daddy can have his head twisted backwards

Daddy can sometimes be clutching around after he has been hit with the disabler