The Baby is the second playable character in Who's your daddy


Baby is a very irresponsible child who is curious about everything. When his Mum went away for a while, baby got to work, trying to kill himself with a numerous amount of tools, with his Dad trying to stop him

Playing as BabyEdit

The baby has to kil himself using a few items such as bath to drown, gasoline then candle for fire, and hammer then smash the table for another death. The baby can use all items he can reach, and has the ability to travel through vents.

Daddy's NightmareEdit

In this gamemode, Baby uses various weapons to kill Daddy before Mommy gets home or before he fills up the generator. The baby or babies start off in the microwave, amazingly...


Baby is the second playable character, the first being Daddy

The baby can go in the pool and drown, assuming he isn't saved in time

Baby used to spawn in his parent's room, but now spawns in a separate room.

Every hit a baby does to a baby gate takes away 5%

Baby can eats balls from ball blaster, glass from table, liquids, raw meat (probably) and all healing items.

Glitches and BugsEdit

Baby can turn up his sensitivity high, then look around like crazy, and he will lose his head

There was a glitch where baby could get out of the map by going through his bedroom window. This is removed now due to there being an outside (probably)

There is a glitch where baby can be stuck in the toy box. He can get out, but it is hard to do.